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Radioactive-Software was started in 2001 and was incorporated in 2007 (Radioactive-Software, LLC.). The company is based in Cary, North Carolina USA. We mostly focus on game development, but can also produce general purpose computer applications and software programs. Radioactive-Software is primarily the work of one person, Danny Green. Since 2001 Danny has been the driving force behind Radioactive-Software's products - and has written our game engine technology from scratch over the last 10+ years, utilizing several middleware libraries such as DirectX, Havok Physics, and RakNet networking technology. In addition to several middleware libraries, Danny also works with a wide array of production companies, publishers, and contractors to complete projects.

We have an office in downtown Cary, North Carolina - right across the street from Cary Town Hall in the Cooper Building at 315 N. Academy St. Although Danny does a majority of the work from his home office - the downtown location is great for playtesting the latest versions of games.

You can see a list of Radioactive-Software's products here in the "Radioactive-Software's PC Games" section of the webpage.

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Danny Green

CEO / Lead Programmer / Artist

Danny has been programming computers using C/C++ since he was 12 years old. He started out with basic text based games, then moved to 2D games using the Allegro game library. After doing some very basic 3D work using Allegro's integrated 3D rendering capabilities, Danny moved on to making games using the OpenGL library. Many of these earlier projects were small, and never finished, their primary purpose was to practice game engine design and development. After a few years of using OpenGL, Danny transitioned to using DirectX for rendering in his game engine.

During his Junior year of College/University ( at the age of 20 ) - Danny decided to take "time off" to focus full-time on finishing his then current project, Urban Empires, after signing a publishing contract for it. In 2010 Danny signed another publishing contract, this time with Paradox Interactive, AB. a Swedish game publisher. That new game project came to be known as Gettysburg: Armored Warfare, the project was released on the Steam platform on March 27, 2012. Games currently in development include Killing Horizon, and Just Death released on Steam soon.

Danny an has extensive knowledge of 30+ programming languages and APIs - plus comprehensive knowledge and proficiency of virtually every game development skill. Please use the e-mail address below with any questions or inquiries!


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