Bought Gettysburg: Armored Warfare

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Bought Gettysburg: Armored Warfare

I was one of those who loved Gettysburg: Armored Warfare and was generously told that I would receive a copy of your new project for backing the old and how it ended up due to issues in publishing the game. Now I am happy to get that but I would like to know which edition it is that we will be receiving as if it's not the ultimate edition... Then I'm going to definitely give it away in a contest and just buy the full on ULTIMATE. If this game turns out half of what I think it's going to be then I see a good majority of my life lost deep inside of the Killing Horizon... You have done an amazing job from G:AW to KH from the looks.

Also does the shop work?

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Good question - I still have

Good question - I still have a flesh out all the details, but right now I'm just going to give G:AW buyers the Basic version, or I can subtract the difference from whatever version you want to buy, or we can work that out.

I'll update you guys when the selling process goes live, I'm waiting until I have a build of the game I feel is ready for people to enjoy at some level.

I really appreciate the comments, and support! IF you've purchased Gettysburg:AW email me and I'll get you on my list.

- Dan

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