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Game Mechanics

So I am curious on how you are going to implement the mixture of RTS and TPS. How does one go about collecting resources? is there going to be crafting or does a player just dump in the resource and out pops an item ready to go? How many possibilities for base building will there be? I know that these things may not be fully developed as of yet, but if I could get a better idea of how your game will play I would appreciate it.

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Welcome to the site. Thanks

Welcome to the site. Thanks for the question, you're right it's still all a big work in progress that I hope to develop with players later when I start having people play the game. I do have a framework in mind though :-)

Right now I have a 2D map and 3D free look mode you can use to issue orders. The AI soldiers or players online will complete these orders to gain XP. No crafting is planned at this point in time, I know it's all the rage now though, yes you basically just exchange the resources for the item you want teleported / created on the planet. Base building is mostly limited to defensive structures and static weapons like iCWS systems or pillboxes.

The whole thing is going to be very dynamic and fluid I want players to get ahold of it and we can go from there :-) I've got a few different ideas on how to go about this stuff, it'll be up to the users which one I pick.

- Dan

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